Trying to get Windows running on my Steam Deck. Not much luck, it’s been taking up all my free time in the evenings. More to follow, maybe.

Bad blogger

Well, not that there’s an audience or anything, but I’ve been pretty bad at updating these last few days. Tuesday there wasn’t really any specific reason, but last night we had no internet, Vumatel fibre was down in the area. It’s at least sorted now. Monday night I played some Wizard game, and then wathced… Read More »

Skip days

I gave up trying to post yesterday, just couldn’t get into the right headspace. Yesterday morning I went with Gwyneth to the shops, while grandma stayed home. Zooey went to church with my family, there was an easter hunt there as well. When we got home, we went and hid Zooey’s easter eggs in the… Read More »

These Saturdays

Kinda busy day today, but not too much. Not really much games played, last night I played a bit of the wizard game, and had hoped to play some more this morning, but Gwyneth them were out, and Zooey wanted to come home half-way, so they brought her and then she wanted to play LEGO… Read More »

Freedom Fridays

One would think, it being a public holiday, you would have a nice quiet day. Alas, fate would decree otherwise. Gwyneth decided we need to you fetch my mother-in-law in Vanderbijl, and then just as I got home from that, we needed to head off to the airport to meet my friend, who was stopping… Read More »

Let long weekend commence

We’ve got to the end of the four day work-week, and the weekend has started. We had Burger King for supper, as we were out in the shops looking for some last minute Easter stuff. Mission successful on that account at least. Last night I finished What Remains of Edith Fitch on the Steam Deck.… Read More »

Stuck in the middle

Work Week’s half-way over. Actually, more than half-way, since it’s Easter weekend. Can’t wait to not work for a couple of days. Last night Gwyneth was doing resin casting, so I was playing LEGO DC Villians with Zooey for a bit, and then went to bed when Gwyneth was done. Played some What Remains of… Read More »

Chew This Day

Last night the pizza party carried on way later then I would’ve liked. We got home around 8pm, and then it was time for bathing and pretty bed. I did manage to play a bit on the Steam Deck, What Remains of Edith Fitch. It’s a pretty neat little game so far, quite artsy. I… Read More »

Pizza Days

Last night after all was said and done, I got into bed with the Steam Deck and played a bit of What Remains of Edith Fitch. It’s a game I started ages ago, but never finished, and it is the sort of perfect game for playing in bed really, more of a guided walk through… Read More »